May 18, 2021

Roger Federer: I feel young and that is why I continue to stay

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer spoke about how he manages to perform at a high level in a respectable, by the standards of sport, age.

“I feel young and that is why I continue to stay with them. I behave this way thanks to my children, and this is great. Only when I have problems do I begin to realize that I became older as a player. Before, the back pain disappeared in a day, now I am recovering I may need a week.

However, aging also has positive moments. You have experience that allows you to prevent difficulties, to avoid them. In my youth, you immediately start to panic, seeing the problem, but now I listen more to my body.

If I had been told ten years ago that I would play in Madrid at 37 and prepare for Roland Garros, being in the Top-4 rating, I would never have believed it. Perhaps I could be in the Top-20 or Top-10, but definitely not in the top four, “- quotes Federer Tennis World.

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