May 19, 2021

David Ferrer: Chose the perfect moment to complete a career

Spaniard David Ferrer recalled the worst match of his career and commented on the imminent completion of his career.

“The worst match in my career can be considered the final of the competition in Miami in 2013. Then I lost to Andy Murray. I did not manage to realize the match ball, I requested checks through Hawk-Eye, which showed that there was an out.

Life out of tennis? I will not miss the matches on the central courts, but I will continue to watch tennis as a fan. This is the perfect moment to finish a career, because my love for tennis is still not extinct. In the end, I am proud of my career. If I could, I would change a couple of moments that I simply could not foresee. It is a pity that I did not manage to win the main trophy in Barcelona, ​​although I reached the final four times.

It is also a pity that I did not win the Grand Slam tournament. But, in essence, I have nothing to regret. I lost to tennis players who later became legends, ”Tennis World USA quotes Ferrer.

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