April 23, 2021

Daniil Medvedev: First title changed everything

Russian tennis player Daniel Medvedev appreciated his performance in the season ended. “I think the first title changes everything. It was a great event, especially if we talk about peace of mind during matches. In the final, I led with two breaks, but my opponent returned to the match. Then from 0:40 on his serve he makes the score exactly “: a couple of years ago in this situation, I would just give up. And now I won. The victory at Winston-Salem was a very big impulse. Thanks to her, I climbed to the Top 30 area. There, I somehow managed to better manage the course of the match and it is easier to bring it to victory. Tokyo was a terrific moment. I, as in Sydney, passed the qualification, but the category 500 tournament is a separate story. I am very pleased with my season and I hope to continue to progress. Before the US Open Series, I made an offer to my girlfriend and after that I spent the best ending of the season in my life. So, apparently, it was a good decision. When you make an offer, and then you win two titles almost in a row and enter the Top-20, it means you are doing something right, ”the Tour press service quotes Daniel.

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