April 14, 2021

Benoit Paire: Now I play better than when I was 18th in the ranking

Frenchman Benoit Paire commented on his victory at the start of the Montpellier tournament and the changed approach to the game.

“I felt a bit heavy. My legs didn’t work as usual, but otherwise everything was fine. I am no longer bothered by injuries and pain. Probably, in the match with Donskoy, I just felt the pressure because of the performance in Montpellier. Also, this is due to the upcoming protection points. I lost a lot of positions in the ranking, but I want to directly get into the main nets of the Masters and other major tournaments as before.

Compared to last year, I did a good job on psychology. No longer am I going to smash rackets and stuff. Of course, from time to time problems remind of themselves, but I am psychologically strong enough to hold back. Moreover, now it does not require so much effort. I will continue to work on myself. In my opinion, now I play better than when I was 18th in the ranking. However, without sowing hard. I always have bad luck with the grids in the Grand Slam tournaments. I rarely give in to tennis players who are not in the Top 30. But if I get into the crop, I can count on more relaxed matches in the first circles.

Now I am pleased with everything and intend to spend a good season. I need to show good results in small tournaments, where I still get into the crop. Last year I failed. It’s a pity, because you can earn points on them, “says Paire L’Equipe.

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