May 14, 2021

Ashleigh Barty: I can play at the level of the best tennis players in the world

Australian tennis player Ashleigh Barty commented on the victory in the Roland Garros finals.

“In the course of the match, I just told myself that such an opportunity might not appear anymore, so you need to grab it with both hands. I had a perfect match. I am surrounded by an outstanding group of sincere, real people. This victory is a by-product of the work we did for The last three years. I really enjoy working with them every day. They are close at the most difficult moments and at the most amazing too.

I still every day was involved in tennis, but I lacked competition, one-on-one struggle, emotions from victories and defeats. They are so unique and you can get them only when you go out on the court, you become vulnerable and you do something no one thinks about. Break gave me a new look at my life and career. And I got the feeling that my place is at the very top. I know that when I show my best tennis, I don’t concede to the best tennis players in the world, ”the press service of the Tour quotes Barty.

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