April 17, 2021

Angelique Kerber: Any competition always starts from scratch

German tennis player Angelique Kerber, in an interview with the press service of the Australian Open, shared her expectations from playing at the tournament.

– Is there a difference between your current feelings and how you felt in the last four months of last year?

– They generally cannot be compared. At the end of the season you are literally trying to survive. Want to find the last strength in yourself to make the final breakthrough. However, the new season is starting now, and I have absolutely no problems with motivation. I work in training and try to apply these practices in matches as often as possible. I missed the competition.

– You won the Australian Open, and the last year was successful for you. What are the expectations of the upcoming tournament?

– To be honest, I’m not facing any specific tasks. As in any major, I first of all try to find my rhythm, to win in the first meeting, and then move from duel to duel. I understand that at the moment I am demonstrating a good game and I feel confident. However, any competition always starts from scratch.

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