May 18, 2021

Andy Murray: Not very happy with my team.

British tennis player Andy Murray commented on the defeat at the start of the tournament in Winston-Salem.

“In some aspects, I added today. I punched more cleanly than in Cincinnati. I got shortened, which I probably wouldn’t have reached last week. So there are positive points, but there are also things that need to be improved. Physically, I’m fine there’s no pain or discomfort. I’m just tired a little more than usual. I understand my current situation well. I am competitive, but I need to progress. Maybe I need to play several matches at a lower level to achieve this, and then return to Tour.

I can play Challengers. I think it would be good for my body. At that level, I will win matches every week. In the game plan, this is also important, because so far I feel worse in the draws than before. With each match I will be guided faster. It is probably better to play on the open courts before the Asian tournaments, although I did not think about that.

Not very happy with my team. No one ever says if something goes wrong. They just say that everything is perfect. This is killing me. This is some kind of joke, “the press service of the Tour quotes Murray.

It’s interesting that after the match Andy prokaykal comments that urged him to end his career. “A pathetic game, how much did you put on easy balls? Vali in a pair or finish.” “You can’t even put the first ball. Stop playing, don’t spoil the memory of yourself as a player. “” Enough, everything is with you. Do not disgrace. ”

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