May 18, 2021

Andy Murray: In the starting game, I was very worried.

British tennis player Andy Murray commented on his defeat at the start of the “Masters” in Cincinnati.

“I think I had a match at a good level. There are many more aspects that I have to work on. You can’t expect too much from yourself. Gasquet constantly changed the direction of strikes, acted variably. I had to move a lot. In some situations, I just did not have time after the ball and didn’t even run after him.

In the starting game, I was very worried. In addition, a strong wind was blowing. Around the middle of the first batch it became easier, but at the very beginning it was cold. I did not feel confident and gave my pitch. I did not play for a very long time, so everything was unusual for me.

In the course of the match, I managed to improve the quality of my pitch. In the second set, I had more chances than in the first. There were positive moments, but I still have to work on physics and psychology, “the ATP press service quotes Murray.

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