April 19, 2021

Alexander Zverev: In life, I do not feel like a superstar

German Alexander Zverev spoke about his work with coach Ivanov Landl, preparing for the new season and popularity. “I always listen to Lendl’s words. There is a lot of technical information and statistics in his computer. He uses all this to prove that I was wrong. As for the preparation for the new season, I do not set myself the goal to gain muscle mass. Now I weigh 90 kilograms, but I’ll go to court with them. In this case, the balance is more important, we work on it with a fitness trainer. It seems that all this brings results. In life, I don’t try to seem like a superstar and don’t feel like it, especially when dealing with children. I want to be an ordinary, nice guy. I really like when children come to me, “- quotes the words of Zverev Tennis World USA.

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