May 14, 2021

Victoria Azarenka: Created opportunities for attack, but she spoiled everything

Belarusian Victoria Azarenka answered questions from journalists after her defeat in the third round of Wimbledon .

“I don’t know what happened.” I started the match great, but then I stopped feeling the court and was mistaken in very simple situations. This should not be allowed in matches against top rivals, and any rivals. I created opportunities for an attack, but I spoiled everything myself. It is a pity that I showed such a game on the central court.

– Comment on the warning you received for the abandoned racket.
– Just nonsense. I understand that they take care of their lawn, but I was two meters behind the back line. The judge agreed that I did not damage the lawn, then this warning is completely inexplicable. It seems they want us not to show emotions on the court at all, and punish them for every manifestation. Sorry, but this is not tennis.

– If we talk about equal prizes for men and women, then there is an opinion that men’s matches are watching more.
– And let us put the women’s matches on the central courts for ten years and give them the same prime time as the men’s games, and see how the situation changes. I do not claim that the picture will change completely, but in order to evaluate the result, it is necessary to give equal opportunities.

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