March 4, 2021

Stefanos Tsitsipas: Of course, Federer has an advantage

Greek tennis player Stephanos Tsitsipas shared his expectations from meeting with Roger Federer in Melbourne.

What do you expect from the match?

I learned a lot in our last match. Now I understand better the combinations he uses. Roger is very good, so I need to work as best as possible at the reception. I’m sure he will serve well, so I will need an aggressive game.

– Federer called you shy.

– I speak my game. I’m not shy. In childhood was, but no more. Now I calmly talk to new people. In Tour, few people want to be friends, if you do not speak the same language. But I would like to find more friends. I’m working on it.

Many players are afraid of the first matches with him.

– It is difficult to play with people you have been following for many years. Psychologically you need to be stronger than in other matches. And Federer initially has an advantage – his achievements. Therefore, you need to believe in yourself. But I can say that I feel good.

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