June 23, 2021

Stefanos Tsitsipas: I defeated my idol

Greek tennis player Stephanos Tsitsipas commented on the victory over Roger Federer in Melbourne.

After the match, you said that you analyzed Roger from the age of 6. How did you study it?

– Do not think that it was something incredible, that I studied statistics and so on. But, I just watched the matches, tried to understand his combinations, as he thinks on the court. These players are the best examples if you want to succeed. I meant it under “analyzed”. Not at expert level. Just watched matches, cutting the best moments. Roger, Rafa, Novak – these are great examples of how to improve your game. I am sure it helped me.

You spent some time with Andy Murray during the training session. Can you tell me what it gave you, how it affected your development?

– I trained with him three or four times, but that was a long time ago. Two years ago. He was invited to the Muratoglu Academy, where I have a base. We have trained a couple of times. I learned a lot. For example, that for great success you need to work a lot. Each of his training lasted more than three hours, he worked on many different things. I was inspired by the way he worked and developed, although at that moment I was already in Top-5, if I’m not mistaken. This helped me to better understand what is happening at this level.

Today you played all 12 break points. How do you explain this? And how do you tune in to such important points?

– I just served well. Sometimes the first serve did not even go through, but I aggressively responded to his reception. I managed not to be mistaken, to keep on playing, to make him play. In most cases, he was wrong. I would say that psychology was very important here. I could break at any time, but did not, because I really wanted to win. I showed it on the court. It would be a completely different match if I could not cope with the pressure.

What does this triumph mean to you?

– A flash of pure joy. It was a very emotional moment. I experienced joy, happiness, relief. I will never forget this moment. The match point will remain in my memory forever. I managed to finish the match and beat my idol. Today, my idol has become my rival.

A year and a half ago, you played Challengers. How did that Stefanos differ from the present?

– I have already spoken about the changes in how I make decisions. The feed has greatly improved. And now I have no doubt where to file, what to do. The game is on the back line, of course. I added in physics, I can play longer, save aggression longer. And it seems to me that I became more confident. I know what to do on the court.

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