May 18, 2021

Sofia Kenin: I was so amazed that I didn’t even cry

American tennis player Sofia Kenin commented on the victory in the third round of Roland Garros.

“Serena is a very tough opponent. I still try to realize what happened. Before the match I understood that I was ready for it. I went to the court with a desire to win. Of course, Serena is a great champion and an example for me. could show confident tennis and go further.

This success brought me a lot of emotions. I was so amazed that I didn’t even cry, although it would be logical. I always dreamed of winning the match on the court of Philip Shatrie. And this dream came true.

She understood that she should not slow down after the first set. This is Serena, she can always return to the game. However, I was aware that I knew how to stop it, ”the WTA press service quoted Kenin as saying.

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