April 18, 2021

Simona Halep: Serena can no longer win everything, the situation has changed

Romanian tennis player Simona Halep told about her attitude to the sport.

“I watched the review of the final with Andreescu. She played great. I already knew a few years ago that she was strong enough to meet with the tops. Bianca did an excellent job, I congratulate her. She has a great future because she is so young and I don’t think about pressure. I think Andreescu has enough strength to cope with it. I remember how we trained in Canada two or three years ago. I remember how I told her that she is strong enough for professional tennis. We only trained, I haven’t seen much. Recently s never met.

When I see the success of 18-year-olds, I feel old. I do not like it. But for tennis, it’s good that everyone has a chance of winning. It is more interesting for both fans and players. It’s not like before, when Serena won everything. Now the situation has changed. I have a trainer from Romania, I worked with him before, even when I worked with Darren Cahill. His name is Daniel Dobre. We collaborated with him and before we met with Darren, so he knows me perfectly. I am pleased with this decision. I trust him, we already had the experience of excellent cooperation. The most important thing is that I feel good with him. We communicate well, it simplifies the situation. For three years, Darren gave me great advice, now it is difficult to choose one. The fact that the coach believes in you is the most pleasant feeling for the player. It helps to feel free and confident on the court. I need to feel connected, inspired. You always want to have a coach with the best technique, but after 20 years of playing, you won’t change much in technique and tactics. Therefore, the player’s connection with the coach is the main thing, “Tennis World quotes Halep as saying.

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