April 21, 2021

Simona Halep: I just want to relax

Romanian tennis player Simona Halep told about her condition.

“For the next three or four months I don’t want to hire a coach. I don’t think about it and just want to try to play it myself and see what happens. Darren made this decision because the family always comes first. I don’t I was upset or disappointed, but I reacted to this with full understanding. We are an excellent friend. We often communicate. I ask him for advice, and he gives them to me. We also talked during the interseasonal break. Of course, this is not the same communication that was before, because he is no longer my coach. But we are good friends, and this is the most important thing. I worked with Darren for four years, and it was the best four years in my career. I confess, without him hard.

I will be helped by the captain of the Romanian national team in the Federation Cup, but he is not my coach. He will just be by my side. Of course, a little difficult, but I am confident in my own strength. I became more responsible. Perhaps this is good. We’ll see.

I just want to relax. I had enough pressure and stress for all these years. Now I do not want to be obliged to someone, because when there is a coach, you become attached to this person and you want to do only the best for him and the whole team. I need a rest for a few months, because the past year was very difficult and emotionally exhausting.

I don’t know if I made the right decision to be without a coach, but I decided to take a chance. Now my life consists not only of tennis. I try to enjoy it more, try to be happy. It has always been like this, but now I feel more relaxed and enjoy other things. Backs were all right during the off season. Nothing hurt me, and I trained in the full program. I played sets, matches. There was no pain, but you can’t be sure until you play official matches, so I’m waiting for the start in Sydney.

For the first six weeks I did nothing at all. Just went to the gym and did various exercises during the tach. Six weeks without tennis stretched for a very long time. But believe me, it was great. I enjoyed life, met people, spent time with friends and attended several parties. It was a wonderful period of life, which I spent at 100%. Previously, this was not with me. Now I know the real life. Feel great. I rested and feel healthy. I have no pressure, but I am motivated for this season to see how this year will be. It will be difficult to start, because I was almost three months without official matches and a coach. Let’s see what will happen this week, next, and then I can tell you more. Now I am happy “, – quotes Halep” Tennis of Ukraine “.

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