June 18, 2021
Simona Halep

Simona Halep photo://twitter.com/Simona_Halep/

Simona Halep has been vaccinated: “It’s a good thing, now I feel calmer.”

The last year that has just passed has been very difficult for all of us. We have been forced to change our habits, we have lived for months in quarantine and even today it is not all over with this cursed virus, Covid-19, which varies and has not gone away for good.

This has also affected the world of sports and consequently tennis: empty stadiums, tennis players forced to play without an audience as if they were training and several tournaments cancelled as a ‘precaution’.

Last year, after a long time, the Wimbledon tournament was cancelled and the Olympic Games were moved to 2021. For the number 3 tennis player in the world Simona Halep yesterday has been very important: the Romanian has been vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine at the national research institute Cantacuzino, in Bucharest.

The tennis player got the vaccine a week after the return from the Australian Open, tournament that saw her eliminated in the quarter-finals, by the champion and legend of women’s tennis Serena Williams.

Simona Halep’s future plans

After the vaccine the Romanian champion has released the following statements:

Obviously, I was excited, but I came with a pretty clear mind and now I feel very good. I received the Pfizer vaccine and I think this is good for all of us, so I decided right away to do it.
I hope that more and more people will be vaccinated, soon I will have to do the second dose and this reassures me, after this vaccine, I feel safer. Despite this, I will still be extremely careful and getting the vaccine is the only way to get rid of the pandemic

Simona Halep

In addition to this speech, Simona Halep also addressed what her future plans will be:

“I am recovering, but I am going to play in the Dubai tournament, I want to be present there. Also, I can confirm that I will be 100 % at the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games, my goal is a medal and it doesn’t matter what color it will be.

Overall in this 2021 I want to win a Grand Slam title and a medal at the Olympics, that’s all I think about and I don’t care if it’s in singles, doubles or mixed doubles.”

Simona Halep
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