April 19, 2021

Serena Williams: The US Open Final is not a taboo subject, but I will not talk about it

American tennis player Serena Williams appreciated her performance in Abu Dhabi. “I was very pleased to be back here. We played like in the old days! I think we both played great. I am pleased. This time I even enjoyed the game in Abu Dhabi more, if at all possible. I had an excellent opportunity to play in the Open Australian Championship, “- quotes the press service of the tournament. She refused to answer the question about the US Open final: “Do I avoid this topic? I don’t avoid anything. I just don’t have time to talk about it. I already spent enough time with that incident, it was discussed for months. It’s best to leave it aside and move forward, think about more important and pleasant things. 24 has always been an important number for me. As soon as I won the 22nd and 23rd titles, I realized that I wanted to take 24 trophies, to repeat the record. But for this you need to beat the strongest tennis players in the world. Now I’m fine, I feel good physically. I ran a lot and was not tired, this is important, “added Williams Jr.

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