June 24, 2021

Serena Williams: Svitolina could play better

American tennis player Serena Williams commented on reaching the US Open final.

“At the start of the match, we had long games, and I knew how Svitolina could play. She went to two semifinals in two Helmets in a row. This is hard to achieve and this is impressive. I did not want to show a slow start, I tried to stay in the game .

Did I go out to the net a lot? Do not expect this again, they say, I just thought what to do near the net, I’ll go back. I don’t know, it worked today.

Is this the 101st win at the US Open? I still don’t really realize the meaning of all these numbers, I don’t think about it, I just go to the court and do what I can. It’s great to be in the company of Chris Evert for any reason, it’s wonderful. I could not have achieved this without such support. Seriously, you guys have been with me all these 20 years and I’m still here. It is the largest stadium on the planet. It is such an honor for me and for my rivals to speak to these spectators, I enjoy such matches.

What do I think about a potential rival in the finals, to analyze their game? It’s not fair to discuss them now, they haven’t played yet. My trainer will tell the analysis, he is an analyst, and I go out and play, I am a player. To be honest, going to another finale is crazy. But I do not expect anything less. Today I played confidently. Of course, I did not show my best tennis.

It is interesting that Elina noted this. She is a true professional. Perhaps she, too, could play better. I know that I myself could act better. But now I am concentrating on the next match.

After Wimbledon, I wanted to play as much as possible. I was going to perform in Cincinnati. Actually, I had great plans for the summer. Unfortunately, everything went wrong. But at least I had some matches. I learned a lot during my performances, but I understand that the most important thing is to stay relaxed. I felt that I was ready for the US Open.

Before Wimbledon, I had a week to prepare. I was ready for Australia great, but damaged the ankle. I could not play at Roland Garros at all. It just became a bonus. I had a very difficult year due to injuries, I was not lucky. I finally had to completely get rid of the injuries, ” Tennis of Ukraine quotes Serena.

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