March 1, 2021

Serena Williams: Federer has an incredible pitch, but many people underestimate her

Swiss Roger Federer and American Serena Williams shared their impressions of . “It was great. It’s a pity that everything ended quickly enough. We started playing almost simultaneously, but over the years we have never done something like that. It’s great that we finally met on the court. Roger is the greatest tennis player in history. This is an amazing player and a very charismatic personality. It is difficult to select some element of his tennis, which I like the most. Perhaps, many underestimate his presentation. She’s just crazy. Before we met in the game, I couldn’t even imagine how deadly she was, “Serena said in the post-match interview. “It seems to me that Serena’s pitch is better. I was really nervous when I played at the reception. It is impossible to read her presentation. I was especially worried about the last draw. I told myself:“ You have to earn a point. But before me, Serena herself! However, maybe this is my finest hour? “(Laughs) As a result, the ball flew not at all where I expected it, so I am very glad that Serena still could not repel it,” said Federer.

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