May 12, 2021

Serena Williams: Cool that Bouchard didn't quit tennis

American tennis player Serena Williams commented on her start at the Australian Open.

“I am very glad to be back here. Last time I was in Melbourne at a special moment for me personally. It was something special.

Did the sensations of playing at the Australian Open change two years later?

This time I’m not pregnant. This the most important difference. I think today I had a good match. Most of all I am pleased with my stability. I made not so many unforced errors, although I was confronted by a difficult opponent. The game could have ended differently. Maria can beat top players, she knows how to play. When I come across challenging opponents, I play more intently. Today it helped me.

With Bouchard will be a great match. I like that she did not give up tennis. People wrote it off, but she does not pay attention to it: she continues to struggle and does what is needed.

I do not want to set goals relative to the rating. I have had enough negative experiences with this. I always expect the maximum from myself. But now I just know that I am moving in the right direction.

Olympia now requires a lot of attention, so I tried to leave here. Just kidding Being a mom is great, and mom Olympia – especially. Recently, I really wanted her to have a black doll. In childhood I did not have the opportunity to get one. And I thought: “I want my daughter’s first doll to be black”. Yes, Olympia is a mulatto. I think her second doll will be with fair skin. I want to teach her love and simple human values: to love each other, regardless of skin color, “the tournament press service quotes Serena.

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