Roger Federer: There are no ideal people, I also have flaws

Swiss Roger Federer expressed the opinion that he was considered ideal.

“People often endow the strongest athletes with superhuman qualities, but when communicating, it turns out that we are all ordinary people, we just do our job well.

I do not consider myself perfect. In general, there are no perfect people. Everyone has their drawbacks, and I am not an exception.

I was lucky that throughout my career I did not have serious injuries. In our sport, it is important to go through the initial stage, when you have to play a lot, and it is not always possible to warm up well after a break in the rain. In addition, you can fall from a snowboard. After that it becomes easier.

Then there comes a time when it is important to adhere to the regime: enough sleep, eat well, recover properly.

The athlete needs to listen to your body. Sometimes you just hurt something, and you can continue to play. And sometimes it can lead to serious injury. The same can be said about diseases. You should also surround yourself with knowledgeable people who will be able to explain everything to you, ”the press service of the Indian Wells tournament quotes Federer as saying.

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