June 18, 2021
Roger Federer

photo: twitter.com/federized

Roger Federer: The more you earn, the more you give.

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer commented on the idea that he makes money at exhibition matches in poor countries.

“If I were interested in all the criticism, I would never have visited South America. In general, I would not go anywhere, drop everything and stay at home. I hoped that matches in South America would bring joy to people who rarely see tennis live. I’m doing entertainment, and all the money goes to a charity fund. The more you earn, the more you give, that’s the principle.

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For me, it was an amazing journey: emotional, difficult, but very enjoyable. I would not know how people live in Africa or in South America, if I had not seen it with my own eyes. I think these matches meant a lot to people.

Yes, they will always criticize me, but you need to be able to say: “I do not care about you.” I’m not driving for political or financial reasons, “Federer said Tages Anzeiger.

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