June 24, 2021

Roger Federer: The first victory at Masters helped me believe that I am one of the best

Swiss Roger Federer told when he felt like one of the best tennis players, and commented on the success of the younger generation.

“The new generation is doing well. We all wish them victories in major tournaments, but it takes time, because Tour has a lot of strong tennis players. Novak holds the position, Rafa protects the ground, I also give them a lot of trouble. They have a difficult task, but they cope.

Khachanov won the Masters in Paris at the end of the season, Zverev won the trophy at the Final tournament. They declare themselves and win major tournaments.

I recall the year 2002, when I won the first trophy on the Masters, beating Marat Safin in the final and entered the Top 10. Perhaps it was then that I believed that I was among the best and could compete with them. It seems to me that young tennis players are experiencing the same thing now, ”Federer quoted Tennis World USA.

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