May 14, 2021

Roger Federer: The early career period was much more sincere

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer spoke about the current period of his career.

“I definitely liked the time when I just started my performances. I played against my idols – the guys I saw on TV. Overall, perhaps this was the most exciting time in my career. It was incredible to share a dressing room with Sampras, Agassi, Moya, Henman, Courier. Then everything was really sincere. Everything around was not as professional as it is now – I just looked around, like a child in a pastry shop.

Later, when I started to win more often, I just started moving from one tournament to another. Red carpet, interview, victory, interview, red carpet, victory … I learned a lot in that period of my life, and then I became a father. Now everything around is much better organized, and I can really just enjoy what I do. This is probably the most measured, the most peaceful period in his career “, –Tennis World quotes Roger.

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