May 11, 2021

Roger Federer: Tennis experts too often rush loud statements

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer told about the expectations of the confrontation with the Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas in the framework of the exhibition tournament Hopman Cup. “I used to train with Stefanos a couple of times, but I’m not very good at predicting the future of a player. Sometimes it happens that I play with someone and think:“ He’s quite good. ”And then this player becomes the first the racket of the world (laughs). In general, I don’t like to give predictions, it puts additional pressure on young athletes. Of course, you can cope with it, but not everyone can do it. It seems to me that experts very often put up very loud labels: “future leader of the rating,” “future champion of the majors.” Ask Andy Murray how much effort he needed to climb to the top. Now winning the “Slam” is more difficult than ever. So I don’t want to rush into words, ”the competition press service quotes Federer.

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