May 6, 2021

Roger Federer: Rafa and I haven’t met on the grass for a long time

Swiss Roger Federer answered the question that the most difficult in the games against Spaniard Rafael Nadal and what their opposition considers the most revealing.

“You’re not the first day working and you know everything about him, just like me. We haven’t met on the grass for a long time, he has changed his game on this surface. He has become much more powerful to serve and finish the jokes faster. It’s great that he continues to play at the highest level, although he was predicted to end his career in 2008, as I did in 2009. Nice to meet him at Wimbledon.

As for the demonstration meeting, I hope this is not the last Roland Garros. Then it was incredibly windy. Here such weather is not expected. Maybe the Australian Open 2017 final. Although all this does not matter. It is worth paying attention only to our present form “, – the press service of Wimbledon quotes Federer.

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