May 14, 2021

Roger Federer: nothing can be fixed

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer commented on the defeat in the Wimbledon final.

– Something went wrong?
– Just one hit. One of two match points. Choose what you like.

– Did you lose at these match balls?
– Not. We continued to play, and I had chances. I thought about the positive moments that I do not concede with a break. 9/9 is not such a terrible score. It is important to concentrate on the pleasant.

– You won more points.
– It does not matter.

– Novak interfere in your dominance with Rafa?
“It happened a long time ago.”

– When will it be perceived differently?
– It depends on the fans. We – the players – we know how strong Novak is. And every victory confirms this.

– Is the fight for the “Slam” record important to you?
– Previously, it was important, we could very quickly catch up. But a lot has changed, other things motivate me. I set a record, if someone beat him, it will be cool. You can not protect all the records. I play in front of full stands against Novak rivals – what else do you need?

– How do you deal with lesions?
– You just need not worry and quickly forget everything. Still, I reached the final – you need to think about it. After 2008, I realized that the pain would soon go away. This is an important point – you have to cope with the pain. I’m not upset.

– Not upset that they played a tiebreak?
– I respect the rules.

– What will you do next?
– I miss Montreal and I will rest. I plan to play in Cincinnati and beyond.

– Would you prefer to lose in three sets?
– I do not know how it would be easier – either 2/6, 2/6, 2/6. It does not matter. There are a lot of emotions, I had chances – I do not believe that I failed. But nothing can be fixed.

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