May 11, 2021

Roger Federer: Nadal was stronger

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer commented on the defeat in the semi-final Roland Garros.

“The wind was just crazy. I’ll have to rinse my eyes to see what is happening. I’ve gotten to rejoice in getting into the court. Everything is so bad. I just don’t want to look ridiculous.

In the first set you just had to get used to the conditions. You need to understand what works and what does not work. Need to play more flat or with spin? Keep the ball in play or attack? I think the first set was reduced to this. In the second, I am very sorry that I lost the pitch when I led 2/0 and the wind blew into my back. If I didn’t allow this break, the set could have ended differently. And against the wind to keep the pitch when the player takes the level of Rafa, it is very difficult. He almost never misses. And in the sweepstakes he has a powerful rotation from the forehand, he perfectly controls the backhand. It was very difficult to find holes, especially in the wind. But the wind was blowing for both of us. Rafa was stronger, no doubt about it. I had some kind of mini-chances, but not enough to win.

I think it was a great tournament. I really liked it. The support of the fans could not be better. Perhaps one of the best in my entire 20-year career. The fans have always been with me, supported me in training, at matches and have always been glad to see me, wherever I appear. It was a pleasure. You know, I myself am surprised that I went so far in this tournament and how well I could play during the whole tournament. As for the next year, then, like about any other tournament, I do not know yet. Let’s see how it goes. But I definitely enjoyed the ground season and the French Open, so I think it will increase the chances of return, ”the Tour press service quotes Federer.

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