April 18, 2021

Roger Federer: Murray should be proud of himself

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer responded to the decision of the British Andy Murray to finish the career.

“It was a very strong shock. Of course, I knew that Andy was having problems with his hip. However, we all would like him to leave the sport contentedly. It’s a shame that this decision was not for Murray himself, but for his body.

He won at Wimbledon and the Olympics, was the first racket of the world. I do not know how a successful coincidence can be considered the fact that he played with me, Rafa and Novak.

I do not think he will say that he was unlucky. He worked very hard and deservedly became the first in the world. Andy always did his best. He should be proud of himself, although leaving here like this is very sad, “Sydney Morning Herald quotes Federer as saying.

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