April 18, 2021

Roger Federer: It was a shame to lose to Thiem

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer told about the requirements for the top player.

“Today you need to be in good physical shape and have a passion for the game in order to win. This is true because I feel that if I am not in my best form, it is more and more difficult to win matches. Today’s tennis comes down to a lot of movement Now a talented player will not be able to achieve maximum success without excellent physical readiness. Previously, there was enough talent. That is why even at the age of 37 I work hard on my physical training in general and speed in particular. I think this is what brings success. Another hundred titles I won, that’s for sure. I hope that at least a few more. I’m just glad that I already scored a hundred. It’s great that I took so many cups, and I had a chance to win at Indian Wells.

It was a shame to lose the final, but there’s nothing to be done, so you just need to work further and create opportunities for yourself. The most important thing is to be healthy and enjoy the game. And now I have just such feelings. I can play early with Wawrinka. I prefer it to be in a different part of the grid, but what to do? Of course, players always learn the first few laps, so I know there is a chance of meeting Stan. But, of course, this is an imperfect situation: we can play with each other in two tournaments in a row, ”the Tour press service quotes Roger.

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