April 14, 2021

Roger Federer: I was not surprised by the rival

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer commented on the exit in the third round of the Australian Open.

Rival surprised you?

– No, I knew that he was capable of great tennis. I looked at his matches and knew what he would do. Evans often cuts and defends well. Today he was in shock, so I had to run a lot. It was interesting, I liked everything. What? Evans was joking? I did not notice this. We just talked about the rain. The court was slippery, and I asked if he wanted to play further. There were no jokes. Although he was laughing.

Have you always wanted to play up to this age?

– I talk with my fitness trainer after I became the first racket of the world. He said: “Do not play everything, it will kill you.” After that, we thought more about the schedule and consulted with the doctors. For 15 years I have been devoting a lot of time to this. At 23, you don’t know how much you can hold out on top.

All plan life in short stretches. We have no contracts with clubs. This is useful because it does not allow to relax. This helped me avoid injuries and distribute my forces well. It’s a shame that everyone plays, and I train, but what to do. I could take more titles, but I could kill my legs. I work for the future. Young tennis players should also spend more time on the schedule. Need to work together with doctors.

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