May 19, 2021

Roger Federer: I do not know what will happen next with Tour

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer commented on the fact that ATP President Chris Kermode left his post.

“It is difficult for me to formulate my position clearly, because I no longer engage in politics. I would like it to be done by those who are engaged in it now. It is important for me to know why what happened, why now, what prospects have happened. I want to know that it was precisely Kermod’s work that led to such a decision. I was inclined to support him. There used to be situations when someone just had to leave, there was no other choice. With Kermode, the situation is not that. I wanted to meet Djokovic until the final meeting. He unfortunately had no time I can’t understand it, but everything is in order. He is certainly immersed in this question deeper than I. I asked him if he could meet, but he was busy. He suggested the next day after the vote, but then everything was already decided Since we haven’t seen each other since then, I’m interested in the rationale behind this decision, why it was taken, I need to think about whether I should take up the politics of the tour again for his well-being, or maybe just a little to study this particular question. I do not want to constantly give any comments about how others work, but I also cannot say that I don’t care. I spoke with Rafa. We are of the same opinion with him, and this is important for me.

It is important to understand where, with whom and why the Tour is moving. There are a lot of unresolved issues. Maybe they have the answers – I just need to know them. Because many players were for Kermode. But everyone’s priorities are different: some have money, others have a calendar, and others have an influence. Now there is some concern about the future of the Tour. How much it is reasonable, I do not know at the moment. I still think that the tour is growing and developing, we have high competition, the prize money is growing, the stadiums are filling up. The ITF is trying to keep up with the times, the Laver Cup went well. But political differences still exist. Players and tournaments do not always agree with each other, so the mood, if not strained, but there is a slight confusion. We’ll see what happens in the coming months, “Tennis World quotes Federer.

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