June 24, 2021

Roger Federer: I can win the Australian Open

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer rated his game in Melbourne.

“I feel that I have a chance to win. Probably, someone else can win and, perhaps, win this tournament. But I am here and I know that I have chances. Two years ago everything was different. Because I myself didn’t know what condition I was in. I didn’t expect to win, I was seeded at number 17. I thought I could beat one of the tops, but then everything went well.

Last year I was lucky with the net. I easily covered the distance. In the end, I saved my strength before the final and I managed to defeat Cilic.

Let’s see how everything goes this year. Novak Djokovic returned to his level, Rafael Nadal is also in order. You need to be prepared for the fact that they will claim to win, “Eurosport quotes Federer.

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