April 18, 2021

Roger Federer: I admire Murray

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer rated his start at the Australian Open.

Next will be the match with Evans. You have already met him.

– I remember. Not only on the grass, but also in Australia. It was my first match after a knee injury, so I could not forget it. I played well, but he was at his best: he risked a lot and quickly took the ball. It will be interesting.

How do you feel?

– I played a great game: I performed neat blows, did not let him dictate the tempo and did not lose confidence. This is probably ideal for the first round. I quickly began to feel the ball and got used to the conditions.

What do you think about Andy Murray?

– It immediately occurs to me that he will try everything to beat you. I like it. Of course, within the rules. He leaves everything on the court. I think he does not regret after losing matches. I like it about him. I hate it when a person goes to a match and does only what he always does, and if that doesn’t work, let him do it. He is not like that. He is one of the best defensive players in history. With this, it is quite large. Like Novak, he is from a new generation – big guys who move like little ones.

All players are very pleased that he won the Wimbledon, “Davis Cup” and the Olympics. Even me, although I lost in the final. He had to fight for it, and he deservedly won. For example, as it was with the first line of the rating. He went all out after an incredible start to the season by Novak. Spent a crazy ending. I admire Murray.

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