April 19, 2021

Roger Federer: Do you think I will finish my career this year?

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer commented on the decision to play in clay tournaments.

“Do you think this is my last season of the soil? Or that I will finish my career? No. I didn’t think at all in this vein. I just knew that I had missed the ground for the last two or three seasons, but now my body is ready and the ground is on schedule.

Therefore I decided to play it back. I will not take a big break, keep the rhythm and enjoy the game. Of course, I just will not, it is clear. First I need to move in small steps, but this is nothing. In the end, I grew up on the ground. Now my body is again strong enough to make the transition from hard to ground, then to grass, and then again on hard. In the past, I had other feelings, I wanted to stay on fast surfaces, “Tennis World USA quotes Federer.

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