May 11, 2021

Roger Federer burst into tears during an interview (VIDEO)

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer started to cry when he answered the question about his lost coach. Peter Carter died on a safari in 2002.

“I hope he would be proud of me. I think he didn’t want me to waste my talent. I think his death in a sense stimulated me and I began to work hard. Peter and I met when he came to play a club tournament in Basel. I was small then, and he was one of the stars of the team. In the end, I was lucky, and he began to deal with me. They used to call up Darren Cahill constantly and tell each other that they had a special student. And Lleyton and I have been playing with each other for the rest of our careers. Who knew that we both win Wimbledon and be the first racket of the world? Peter was a very important person in my life. Because I should thank him for his technique “, – quotes Federer of CNN. The video can be viewed at this link .

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