Roger Federer: After the first title was relieved, not joy

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer shared his memories of his first title – Milan 2001.

“I remember my first trophy well. Before that I lost the first two finals – in Marseilles and in Basel. So I really wanted to finally win the ATP tournament. It was a very cool week, I overcame a few very strong players. It seems that then I defeated Goran Ivanishevich and Kafelnikov, but all the same the pressure fell on me. For some reason, I was considered the favorite. I do not know why. It was a fast indoor court, and the opponent served well. I did not know that I could win. After the victory, I experienced relief rather than joy.

Then I thought: at least one title I now definitely have, is already quite good. I never would have thought that I would go to a hundred, “the Tour press service quotes Federer.

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