April 19, 2021

Robin Soderling: Federer does not get pleasure from tennis

Swede Robin Soderling described the current situation in the men’s Tour. “If Djokovic starts the new season in the same good shape, it will be extremely difficult to stop him. Novak managed to return after a serious injury. He is enjoying tennis. As for Roger, he now does not get pleasure from tennis. In 2018, he played much worse than the year before. Federer is already 38, Novak and Rafa are over 30. Their results show how good they are! Young guys? I note the excellent game Zvereva on the final. To be honest, I was shocked by his victory over Djokovic. Zverev really was better, and this is rare. I am also pleased to see the progress of Chorich and Khachanov. This is exactly what tennis needs – in order for new faces to appear, “Tennis World quotes Robin.

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