April 21, 2021

Rafael Nadal: Tsitsipas – one of the best in the world

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal commented on reaching the semi-finals of the Australian Open.

You had tape on your stomach. Same problem as last year?

– I’m in the semifinals. Now is not the time to discuss my health. Different happens.

Is reaching the semifinal important for you?

– Of course, I am very pleased. I had various problems for several months. But it is difficult to say that it was a particularly difficult period. For most people, life is much harder than mine. But, of course, in terms of personal feelings, this was a difficult segment. But at the same time in Brisbane, I felt good, I trained very well. I spent a full training week. I came here in a good mood, because before the tournament I did a lot. I started the season great again and that’s great. Of course, now will be a difficult match against Tsitsipas.

What are the impressions left the game Tiafoe?

– Hi’s fast. He has a strong forehand, sometimes his game is difficult to read. He can go to the net and he gets good punches from the backhand. He can beat well from everywhere. But today I had a very high quality match. The break at the beginning of each set gave me confidence. Then I served well, played steadily. He constantly lagged behind in the bill. In such a situation it is difficult to do something.

What can highlight in Tsitsipas on your previous matches?

– I do not know how past matches will be relevant. Young players are constantly progressing. He is confident in himself, won many good victories. It will be hard. But for me, everything is as before: in the semifinals you can’t wait for easy opponents. Stefanos is one of the best players in the world. To have a chance to reach the final, I have to show my best game. This is what I will try to do.

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