April 21, 2021

Rafael Nadal: This time I spent the offseason much better

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal shared his impressions of the past season. “I can’t say that I’m completely satisfied, as there were difficult moments last year. Of course, I managed to achieve high results, but I took part in fewer tournaments than in any other year because of health problems. Injuries greatly affected my condition. Glad I managed to come back stronger. I am convinced that the problem is not in age. I’ve had damage before. Unfortunately, in addition to physical endurance, nature has endowed me with pain in my knees and feet. I was terribly tired in 2017 and failed to prepare well for the 2018 season. This time I had a much better off season. You need to take things as they are, and not worry about it. Tokyo Olympics is not one of my priorities. I have already spoken at the Games twice. Of course, I would like to play in Tokyo, but this is not an end in itself. I will play until tennis brings me pleasure “, – quotes Nadal Tennis World.

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