Rafael Nadal: Now tennis players play longer, but they have much more injuries

Spaniard Rafael Nadal told what health problems the game on hard causes.

“For most of the season, we play hard, which is extremely aggressive towards sportsmen’s organisms. I don’t want to blame the coverage, so that no one would think that I am complaining. But I also said the same thing in my youth. I like to play hard, but mine I don’t try to find any personal benefit, because I understand that nothing will change in the near future. But in my opinion, it would be better if tennis players eventually played more benign coverings. I think not only about my career, but also life after it. In 32, 35 or 38 you want to live a normal life, but it is not easy.

Yes, now tennis players play longer, but this is not an indicator, because they have to cope with a lot of injuries, do operations on the hips, suffer from pain in the knees and ankles. And what will happen to us in 45 years? Not a joyful prospect at all. It hurts me to watch some of the former players go, ”journalist Christopher Clarey quotes Nadal as saying in his microblog on Twitter.

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