April 14, 2021

Rafael Nadal: It remains for me to come to terms with difficulties and try to overcome them

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal in an interview with the press service of the Australian Open shared his expectations from playing at the tournament.

– How do you feel before the start of the competition?

“I’m fine, otherwise I’d just not come to Melbourne.” The operation on the foot was successful, as was the recovery after it. Of course, all this will have an effect on my game, but this is not the first time I’ve been in a similar situation. It remains only to put up with difficulties and try to overcome them. Of course, I am glad to be here again.

– I watched the video on which you submit in a different manner. Was it difficult to change the feed?

– It is necessary to improve. Throughout my career, I try to improve certain components of the game. Submission is no exception, and it seems to me that I have made progress in this direction. Perhaps you need to take another step. Now everything suits me. I still want to try something new. If successful, this will positively affect my results in the future. I have not had time to try out a new pitch in matches. Let’s see how everything goes, but I am optimistic.

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