April 19, 2021

Rafael Nadal: I work every day

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal spoke about his condition. “Yes, of course, after injuries it’s hard to come back, you get tired of pain. But then you come back home, everything returns to normal, the positive attitude outweighs the negative. And the next morning you wake up with the desire to continue playing, passion, to become better, to continue working on This is how you return after injuries. I hope that the situation will repeat again this time, I will be able to return to my level, despite all the difficulties. I look forward to returning to the court. I am pleased with my progress. Of course, before traveling to official competitions, I still need to add. But I know that participating in a tournament in Abu Dhabi will help me take an important step on the road to return. I started training two weeks ago and add a little bit. I approach the process with the arrangement so that there are no hitches. I still have time to get one hundred percent ready for the Australian Open. At the moment I am pleased with my progress, but of course, the real test is tournaments, and I hope the performance in Abu Dhabi will be the first step to the optimum form “, – quotes Nadal Sport360.

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