May 14, 2021

Rafael Nadal: I will never forget the final against Federer at the Australian Open-2017

Spaniard Rafael Nadal shared his expectations for the coming Australian Open, and also recalled the 2017 final.

“I feel great, otherwise I would not go to Melbourne. Of course, it will be more difficult for me to return after the operation, a long break and problems with workouts. But this is not new. The Australian Open 2017 was an exceptional case. Federer and I returned after a long break. No one expected us to reach the final, but we succeeded. That was great. Now the situation is different. We returned to the Top and fight for titles. A match with Roger will always be a challenge for me regardless of the tournament, its stage and coverage. However, I will never forget the final of 2017, “the official ATP website quotes Nadal as saying.

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