May 6, 2021

Rafael Nadal: I have to serve better because I can’t run a lot

Spaniard Rafael Nadal commented on his way to the semifinals of Wimbledon and the changes in his game.

– I feel great. I played at the highest level and again reached the semifinal. And I am especially pleased to play with Roger at this stage. Over time, we have less and less chance to play with each other, so they should be used. We have met on the court so many times that a victory or a defeat is not capable of spoiling our relationship.

– What in your game gives rivals particular inconvenience?
– I constantly put pressure and attack, as well as a great act on the pitch and the reception. Yesterday I met with an opponent with a very powerful pitch, and I managed to make about six breaks. It’s a lot. I can not single out one thing, I am satisfied with my game as a whole.

– What have you and Federer added over the years?
– I do not think we really added. Rather, it is a way to compensate in our game for what we lose over the years. In particular, I have to better serve, because I can not run as much as before. Yes, I have worked on many aspects of the game, but I can not say that I have become better than in my youth. Here we are talking about the ability to adapt and properly manage their resources. Because of this, Roger and I are still some of the best in Tours.

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