May 11, 2021

Rafael Nadal: Even the most difficult things Federer does amazingly easy

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal commented on his defeat in the Wimbledon semifinal.

– The fight was very hard. Of course, I had chances, but Roger acted better. Perhaps, I played worse than in previous matches, while Federer showed excellent tennis and fully deserved the victory.

He accepted better, but I had problems with this element. This allowed Roger to control the course of the fight. At the start of the third installment, I missed my pitch, and this probably played a key role. In the end I started to play better, but it was too late. My backhand didn’t work as effectively, and that made me nervous. The opponent was calm and did everything correctly.

– Roger is almost 38 years old. What strikes you most in his game?
– All the same as always. He performs even the most complex elements with amazing ease. He plays quickly, constantly puts pressure on his opponent, because he comes to the ball earlier than anyone. In this he is great.

– Tell us what confrontation with Federer means to you in a historical context.
“I think we discussed this a thousand times already.” To enter the number of three players who have achieved such incredible results is very exciting, and I do not think that this will happen again sometime. However, we all still have something to say. Of course, every year there will be less and less opportunities to meet at this stage. Now I am upset, but at the same time I am proud that once again I fought for reaching the final of the “major”.

– What do you think about your physical fitness? Everything was OK?
– I do not want to look for excuses. I lost deservedly. Throughout the tournament I played as I should: with the right mood and energy. However, today the opponent has surpassed me. I had chances, but I did not realize them. That’s all.

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