May 11, 2021

Rafael Nadal: Do not look everywhere for conflict situations

Spaniard Rafael Nadal answered questions from journalists after his victory in the fourth round of Wimbledon.

– Ashleigh Barty is the first racket of the world, but today she played not on the central court. And your match was on the central, but ended in an hour and a half. Don’t you think it’s unfair?
– We can not predict the future. Yes, she is the first racket of the world, and I am the second, but I have 18 titles on the “Slams”. But the organizers had to put someone not on the central court. This does not detract from Ashleigh’s achievements. Do not look everywhere for conflict situations. Today, even Djokovic did not play on the central. Although speaking generally, it seems to me that in world tennis I mean a little more than Barty.

– Serena Williams noted that it is a great honor for her to play at the same time with you, Roger and Novak. What do you think you are trying to say with your performances to the younger generation?
– I doubt that we want to say something. I definitely do not. This is just our job. The younger generation is strong and one day it will start to win: either when it plays better, or when we leave. Over the past 15 years we have shown an incredible result.

– Today on the court, we just rolled out our opponent. Did you have any special training yesterday?
– Nothing unusual. In the morning I practiced, during the day I looked at golf, in the evening I ate a very tasty paella from my friend.

– Are there moments when you completely forget about sports? Do not look, do not play?
– I love sports. In London, I watched a few matches of the Women’s World Cup. I also watch movies and TV shows, read news, try to keep up to date. Probably, I never forget about the sport completely.

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