May 11, 2021

Rafael Nadal: A lot of horrible things happen in the world

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal in an interview with the press service of the Australian Open commented on the start of the tournament.

– I’m happy with everything. I lost the serve twice, but on the whole everything was fine. He acted very aggressively and did not let me play in the usual style. It was a smart tactic, so it’s not about me. It so happens that it all depends on the opponent. I can be pleased with this result. Feeling fine. The first matches are always difficult. But I am getting better, besides, I am gaining confidence. This victory is important not only in itself: it will allow me to play on and add.

– Have you spoken to the Council of Players?

– I believe with long-term projects. Everyone who communicates with me knows this. Therefore, I am against frequent changes: it is difficult to develop a project if all the time something is changed. Chris Kermode did a lot of good. I do not see so much negativity in his work that he could not continue it. I would be very happy if ATP supported people in Mallorca after what happened there. I personally helped them, and it would mean a lot to me if ATP did the same.

Did that flood change you?

– Not. I already knew that life is hard. What happened in Mallorca, a little later happened in Indonesia. A lot of bad things are happening in the world. Just what happened in Mallorca, touched people I know, my friends. Families have lost almost everything they had. But it’s great how everyone on the island began to help each other. It’s good. I am also grateful to the press, which has drawn attention to this.

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