April 20, 2021

Petra Kvitova: I will never throw rackets or cry on the court

Czech tennis player Petra Kvitova shared her impressions of a victory in St. Petersburg .

How did you feel after a difficult flight from Australia?

– I feel pretty tired, I had a jetlag. However, I managed to sleep a bit, but today it took me a few cups of coffee to finally wake up before the start of the competition. The local court suits me, I remember it from last year, so it was easy to get involved in the game. Viktoria is now returning to the Tour and acted on a very high level, especially in the second installment. I am glad that I was able to impose a struggle on her and eventually achieve victory in such a hard duel.

How comfortable do you feel in the tiebreaks?

– Unfortunately, I did not manage to play well on the pitch and finish the match earlier. As a result of this, I even fell into some frustration, but then I was able to cope with emotions. Every time I play a tiebreak, it’s always a lottery. I take a deep breath, then exhale and concentrate on the next draw. It is imperative to take the account, and then everything is going well for me.

You could have played later, on Thursday, but played on Wednesday, was that your decision?

– Yes, it really was my decision. Sometimes it is better to immediately enter the fight and not wait for your match. But tomorrow I will have a day off.

The match was not your coach, what is the reason?

– This time the team did not go with me. After Australia we decided to take a break from each other (laughs). So only a couple of close friends here support me.

How to cope with the emotional defeat in the final of the Australian Open?

– It really was very difficult. But today I had another fight, managed to win, and it helped me to mentally switch. In any case, from the finals with Osaka, I learned a lot of experience.

– How do you usually relax, what are you planning to do on the weekend?

– I will definitely go to the Hermitage.

– Did you have a positive experience of playing in tournaments without a coach?

– Yes, I have this experience. I won three or four tournaments in which I was alone. Of course, it feels quite differently, but I am very familiar with the process, so I feel comfortable.

In Melbourne, you said that you now have a better relationship with the coach, what does this mean?

– I am a closed person, but I try to communicate with my mentor as often as possible, to share my thoughts and problems with him, I ask for advice. In this regard, I have done a great job, especially in Melbourne.

When you have something goes wrong, how do you motivate yourself?

– On the court, I behave calmly – I will not throw rackets or cry. In this case, I often mistaken because of the aggressive style of the game. But it is necessary to be able to take it, it is on such situations that I work.

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