May 6, 2021

Patrick Muratoglou: Tennis is very difficult to imagine without Federer, Nadal and Serena

French expert Patrick Muratoglou spoke about the influence of tennis on his ward Serena Williams.

“Serena returned to the Tour after the birth of her daughter to win again in the“ majors. ”Her asset already has 23 titles, but she wants to update this result. Serena is happy now. She long wanted to have a family. She met a terrific man, became a mother and is still strong on the court. It will be very sad when she will have to finish the speeches.

In 2017, she really missed the game. I’m sure tennis missed her too. Just imagine the Tour without Federer or Nadal. I think this is the same. In general, our sport is hard to imagine without such champions. Serena is one of them, “quotes Muratoglou Tennis World.

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